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Have you been struggling to generate quality leads and consistent sales online for your offers? it starts with generating the right traffic and that is where we come in.

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219% R.O.I. $135K+ in Commisions in JUST 6 MONTHS!!!. TST Traffic was my secret weapon to CRUSHING IT in my affiliate offers, Thanks to Bazi & his media buying team
- A. Sammy (Online Marketer)

We Send You The Best Quality Traffic. You Get Results!

We Spend 100’s of thousands on big media buy deals. We get only the best and most exclusive web traffic online. We get sales around the clock 24 hours a day, every single day and we sell you the exact same traffic so you can get results


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Why Choose TST Agency?

Want the highest converting premium clicks sent directly to your offers? Then you need to pay very close attention to this page! here’s why… It’s no secret!, Every top 6/7/8 figure earner in this industry all use paid advertising and today you can get the same traffic and sales funnels they use. Done-For-you and set up for you very fast. Work with a positive team that has a deep passion for generating traffic online. Meet Bazi Hassan the founder of TopStarTraffic Agency. Bazi has generated well over 7 figures in the Online Marketing industry across many companies and has over 4 years of experience. He is one of the industry’s top earners and after seeing many marketers struggle and fail to generate the right traffic, and also see marketers fail to gain leads and sales consistently and grow their business he decided to pull the curtains and open up his 7 figure media buying team to help people get top results.

Top Star Traffic's 3 Step Quality Process

What Makes TopStarTraffic Agency Any Different? Introducing Our 3 Step Quality Filters We have only one goal in mind and that’s to deliver our loyal customers fast results. We believe in long-term partnerships and over delivering on our services, that’s why our customers are repeat buyers and continue to elevate their business’s using our services.

  • 1
    We ran massive media buying campaigns, split testing fresh creatives and sales funnels.
  • 2
    We negotiate exclusive rates at discounted prices with publishers and lock down the best ad spots that bring the best results.
  • 3
    We share and serve you with the exact same traffic!
    That we use to build our profitable campaigns
  • We are 110% confident that our traffic packages will get you the best results possible.
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  • Consultation with 7 figure Traffic Expert

    You will be assigned your very own traffic expert to analyse your offer and guide you.

  • Campaign Strategies Preparation

    After you've completed your consultation with one of our traffic experts. We focus on preparing the right audience for your campaign.

  • Purchase Ideal Traffic Package

    We offer a wide range of packages with different perks, select the package that is best for you.

  • Traffic is Delivered Fast

    After Pin pointing the best audience for your offer we launch your campaign and traffic is delivered as fast as possible.

  • Conversion Boosters

    As an added bonus your traffic coach will re analyse your campaign stats and add extra conversion boosters to help you get higher return of investment.

  • You Get Results, You Are Happy, You Purchase Another Package, WE ARE HAPPY

The Truth About Top Star Traffic

We don’t sell your typical solo ad traffic that you see out there in the marketplace. All the top experts agree that high converting traffic comes from your untypical and unsaturated authority web properties. But the big problem is most publishers quickly sell the best ad spots on their site or they can overcharge advertisers that have not spent big money with them. This makes it very difficult for the average marketer to get a slice of the best traffic everyone is after. After receiving countless messages on social media platforms for some of the traffic Bazi has access to, The founder Bazi Hassan decided to pull the curtains and give back by launching the T.S.T Agency. Bazi and his media buying team have a combined experience of over 20 years in traffic generation and maximising conversions. With exclusive relationships with top publishers and having access to over 10 million clicks per month in top tier countries. You can rest assure that you''ll gain the best traffic for your current promotions.

Industry Praise For Bazi Hassan

+100’s of Other People Praising Bazi

When we said we OVER DELIVER.
WE MEANT IT! Heres Some Bonuses

  • Bonus 1 (Value $1,997)
    Super Affiliate Warriors Full Training Course 120 Videos
  • Bonus 2 ($2,997 Value)
    High C.T.R Presell Banner Creatives (All Sizes) & 8 Days High Converting Email Follow up
  • Bonus 3 (Value $10k)
    Bazis $10K Winning Biz Op Landing Page
  • Bonus 4 (Value $30k)
    High Converting Video Sales Letter + Page For Biz Op
  • Bonus 5 ($100,000 Value)
    Bazi Hassans Very Own $100k Full Funnel + Tech Set up
  • Bonus 6 (Priceless Value)
    Work Behind The Scenes With Bazi & His Media Team & Learn The Direct Recipe To His High Converting Traffic

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Message From Our Founder

“After 2 years of marketers messaging me non-stop on social media and email for urgent help with traffic generation i finally decided to give back and open up the same traffic source i use to accumulate all my wealth online. To me if i can help at least 1000 people this year scale their offers using my traffic i will feel more content in the inside and do longterm business with future JV partners”

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Bazi Hassan and his media buying team usually charge $497 just for one hour of coaching. With our Complimentary Consultation Session you will have the opportunity to recieve this $497 session completely free. To get started, click the blue button below and submit your complimentary consultation application. After you're application has been reviewed one of traffic experts will be in contact with you. Heres how your consultation call will go, one of Bazi’s experts will look over your business and give you a professional analysis and advise on what strategy is best for you to grow and expand your online business.

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  • Q
    Who is Top Star Traffic For

    Depending on your offer(s), you can leverage high quality traffic from our targeted email lists to get new leads. Just send us to your landing page and our experts will review them before sending traffic to it.

  • Q
    How Does TST Drive Traffic To My Offers?

    Depending on your offer(s), you can leverage high quality traffic from our targeted email lists to get new leads. Just send us to your landing page and our experts will review them before sending traffic to it.

  • Q
    Am I Guaranteed To See Results?

    No. Unfortunately getting sales is not solely dependent on traffic. The part WE can't control is the quality of your offer. If you have a valuable offer within your targeted niche then our traffic will more than likely help deliver sales. If your offer is new and has not been tested there is the likely chance you could face low conversions, but again you will only know by receiving traffic.

  • Q
    What Are The Prerequisites

    Our team usually reviews your offer, and then aligns the best traffic medium for it. This can usually range from Pay Per View (PPV), Media Buys

  • Q
    How Quickly Can I Recieve My Traffic

    Our team usually aims to start your traffic campaigns within 72 hours from the moment the order is placed.